FRIENDS OF CESAR ROMERO: “Red Headed Strangler” b /w “Tammys of Tomorrow”: 7”

Nov 20, 2012

Out of Phoenix, AZ, Cesar Romero’s friends issue another bag of pure sunshine for your turntable. Pressed on slate gray vinyl, this single of ‘60s-era garage pop brings up the jangle and fancy footwork of The Strokes. With a bouncy lo-fi riff, “Red Headed Strangler” conjures up shag hairdos, while “Tammys of Tomorrow” rides the wave between surf and psychedelia with a dyslexic snippet of the track played backwards. Reminiscent of those lazy, hazy days of summer. They ain’t on Snappy Little Numbers fer nuthin’. Recommended.

 –Kristen K (Snappy Little Numbers)

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