Jul 24, 2008

Cover art makes it look like some kind of Pat Hayes-era Lookout or Very Small Records dumpster-diving pop-punk project, but the actual music makes it sound like six outtakes from the first ((and only, come to think of it)) Rites Of Spring album, which was the first record anyone to my knowledge ever called “emo” ((don’t be scared, people also said that it sounded like The Jam. It actually sounded like neither)), and certainly the only record that anyone ever called “emo” that was actually any good. Beats me, man, that album is over twenty years old and this band hails from WashingtonDC same as Rites Of Spring, maybe it’s their kids or something. Sounds like the kind of thing that my drunken roommates would’ve woken me up with when they came home from the bars in 1987. Make of that what you will. BEST SONG: “Floodplane” i think? BEST SONG TITLE: This is not really a “Best Song Title” kind of band. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Band points out that they “are not the crunk band.” i will alert the media.

 –norb (Friendly Fire)

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