Jul 07, 2006

Sometimes, when I’m writing reviews, I hope bands realize that I see their potential and raw talent, and these reviews are my two cents of encouragement while neither just being a cheerleader nor a dick. Both of these bands have gumption and fire to spare. The recordings are a little shaky, but I hear good hearts making honest music, and that goes a long way. Friday Knight: From Chattanooga, they sound less like a band-in-forming, and more like seasoned musicians getting used to one another, taking cues from the Carrie Nations and Allergic To Bullshit (oscillating female/male vocals, and very spacious and dynamic musically. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Ivy singing). Panty Shanty: The recording and the songs themselves just sound a little too muddy—with the occasional sparkle. Like unsuccessfully panning for gold in dirty water, the songs themselves are repetitive. I have the feeling that once they find a shiny nugget or two of a song, they, themselves will begin to shine.

 –todd (Plan-It-X South)