FRESH MEAT: Leather Daddy: EP

Sep 23, 2009

The cover of this record, which is a photo of a man covered head to toe in leather, including the mask, looks like something you would find stashed way at the back of some 7” record bin that’s located in the far back corner of some out of the way record shop. At least, this is the sort of stuff I’m always hoping to find. Plus the record is called Leather Daddy. Right there alone, you know this is something you want to hear. The music is bent and noisy with twittering feedback all over the songs. The vocals have almost no emotion, or at least they sound detached and far away. The pumping bass lines work the songs into your mind, playing almost endlessly on that mental i-pod of yours, and disturbing your sleep. Not to mention, the whole thing sounds like it was recorded in a storm cellar with no sound proofing. In short, this is some cool stuff! The crying at the beginning of “Problem Fixer” is the obvious indication one is in for a good record. Sometimes I think to myself that today’s punk rock lacks vision, is all cookie cutter, is playing it safe with their black clothes covered in patches of bands from a millennium ago with dirt bags grunting clichés into a microphone, then I hear bands like this here Fresh Meat that knock me out of my cynical haze. Would be nice if they take this show on the road and head west. West, where the land meets the sea, and all your dreams come true.

 –M.Avrg (Fashionable Idiots,