Aug 25, 2006

Rrrrrr, I really hate the fact that I’m not impressed any more by new Dischord releases. Is it just me? Have I actually maintained such a juvenile sensibility that I can’t handle underground music that strays into the realm of the arty and experimental? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with this record or this band (a duo comprised of former members of Fidelity Jones, Make Up, and Nation of Ulysses), but dammitall, I started finding Dischord bands to be a bit dull even a dozen years ago, and this record continues that tradition. There are certainly some interesting moments, but for the most part I didn’t notice the record when it was playing. Perhaps I’m just not cut out to appreciate such stuff, but that’s not my fault—even though I can discern and appreciate a good wine, I still prefer Blatz because it takes a lot less effort to appreciate and get me drunk. [note: reviewer assumes full responsibility for the pointlessness of this review]

 –Eric Carlson (Dischord)