FRENCH EXIT: Guts & Black Stuff: CD/LP

Jun 13, 2014

Or better known as French Fucking Exit. Okay, not really I just made that up. Enough snarky quips, let’s get down to business: French Exit deliver twelve propulsive tracks of No Idea–style beardo-punk filtered through a distinctly Southern Californian viewpoint with pretty impressive results on this, their first full-length release. Dual guitars slither around each other creating a taut and tense vibe while the rhythm section locks into an understated groove throughout the disc. Kinda random, but sometimes the crunchy guitar tones and phrasings remind me of Weezer. Like I said, random. However, French Exit pull it all together with an even-keeled maturity that make this CD wholly enjoyable and even highly recommendable. 

 –Garrett Barnwell (It’s Alive)