FREEZE, THE: Live from Cape Cod 1980: LP

Sep 21, 2007

Live recording unearthed from one the band’s very early shows. Sounds like an off-the-board recording. One thing that surprises me is, for a band so young and just starting off, they were pretty tight. This was recorded right around the time their 1st 7”, I Hate Tourists, came out. So this is the pre-hardcore Freeze. This period of the band reminds me of the Dickies. I usually can’t stand live recordings anymore, but I found myself not bothered by this recording. A history lesson: if you prefer early punk that’s snotty, this is right up your alley. A Freeze fan should already have this or have it penciled in their shopping list. Mailorder copies come on cool and snazzy splattered vinyl and inserts hand signed by Cliff Hanger. So go to the source to score that cool copy.

 –don (Schizophrenic)