FREEZE, THE: Land of the Lost and Rabid Reaction: CD

Mar 15, 2008

Doctor Strange does the dirty work by putting together the first two Freeze full-lengths and tacks on alternate versions of Guilty Face EP for twenty-seven cuts of quintessential Massachusetts punk rock. I love the Freeze. Only three of the tracks scrape the three-minute mark. They never got over-exposed (because Cliff Hanger’s out of his tree [he’ll show you pictures of his bent wang without much asking] and they didn’t tour far and wide that much), but have stayed just this side of accessible, right next to the hump of obscurity. What’s not to like? Buzzsaw guitars, full-blown paranoia, lots of songs about killings and mental instability, walls of sound, the melody of musical bullets whizzing by, and the primal noise that’s neck-and-neck with other often overlooked but cherished greats, like Flag of Democracy. The Freeze set the standard for speed and melody, just this side of full-blown thrash. Mandatory punk listening that’s much more cost effective than paying hundreds on ebay for their first single. 

 –todd (Doctor Strange)