FREEZE, THE: I Hate Tourists: 7"

Jun 19, 2007

I have never seen the actual 7” before. But here is an official repress right in my hands. I had to take a look at the Flex book for a little information; the cover is a correct reproduction. Inside is a new, updated cover for this pressing. It was originally released in 1980 and was before they became the powerhouse of a hardcore band out of the Boston scene. Start with the This is Boston, Not LA comp if you are looking for something heavier. The first track, “Don’t Forget Me Tommy,” is a new wave track that is pretty good with its almost cheap Casio keyboard sound. “I Hate Tourists” is garagey, three-chord punk with barely any distortion that defined the early sound of punk. I believe this is a one-time pressing. So go out and hear some history without paying collector nerd prices.

 –don (Schizophrenic)