FREEZE, THE: Guilty Face: 7”

Jan 18, 2007

Craig / Schizophrenic seems to have a huge Freeze fetish right now. First he puts out the I Hate Tourists 7”, now this and will have an upcoming live LP in the future. Looking at the Flex book for research, this second EP was originally released in 1984 on Modern Method Records. Then re-released as a 10” with the Boston Not LA comp tracks and a track from the Land of the Lost LP around 1991. This current version is the same as the original press with two unreleased tracks recorded at the same time as the tracks that were on the Boston Not LA comp but not used. Included are liner notes by lead singer Cliff Hanger and use of the original artwork. These recordings show how they put their mark in the history of punk when they began using speed to define their power. One of the main players that were a part of the Boston scene, they continue on to this day. A major puzzle piece to the birth of American hardcore. A perfect release to go along with Dr. Strange re-release of Land of the Lost / Rabid Reaction on CD a few years ago.

 –don (Schizophrenic)