FREESTONE: Church: 7”

Jan 06, 2011

At this point, I would venture to guess that most hip to the whole Killed by Death punk rarities scene are well acquainted with the brilliantly dumb punk B-side here, “Bummer Bitch,” and its creatively crass chorus, “Bummer bitch, you make me sick/bummer bitch, suck my dick.” Not quite as well known, however, is that this San Francisco-based band was, in fact, not a punk band, but one more into the prog rock thang, and the A-side title track, despite some lyrics that scream to be played for your most ardent Jesus-worshippin’ relative, has more in common with Jethro Tull than the Ramones. Still, it’s not a horrible track by any stretch, and this reissue does include “Bummer Bitch” in all its obnoxious glory, so consider this essential to any short list of mandatory vinyl to pick up as soon as possible.

 –jimmy (Last Laugh)