FREEDUMB: The Freedumb Curse: CD

May 13, 2011

I’m sure this band gets the Municipal Waste comparisons often. That’s the thing I thought of at first listen. But it does not detract from what this band has to offer. What they don’t lack is the ability to bring on the power and speed. Add great production; this release is a joy to listen to. It automatically activated the headbanging function to this aging listener. Definitely not one dimensional. They add touches of their own personality by infusing bits and pieces of punk rock, hardcore, and metal to their crossover mayhem. Big drum and bass sounds are achieved in this recording. Add that with the clean distortion contributed by the guitarist, the songs feel well balanced. This three piece from Norway sure got things right. Another band I need to put on the list to keep an eye out for upcoming releases.

 –don (Tonehjulet Kraftpest,