FREEBOOTERS, THE: Ordinary Level Oi!: CD

Mar 03, 2011

Oi joke/parody bands are kind of an insult. After all, aren’t the real oi bands we love goofy enough? Yet Ireland’s Freebooters manage to create some hilarious songs here that are also up to par musically. Released by the anarcho peace punk/crust label Distro-y, Ordinary Level Oi! is for listeners who would never buy the real thing. Comedic high points include “Paddy Hitler” and “Stormfront in a Teacup,” the former of which includes the lyric “Come on buddy, won’t you shake my hand? / I’m not just a Nazi, I’m a Deicide fan.” There are hints of other subgenres, including ‘77 punk and ska, but the main style lampooned on this is U.K. oi. They’re no Hard Skin, but this is pretty fucking funny stuff regardless.

 –Art Ettinger (Distro-y)