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Jul 06, 2007

This band has come a long way from their raw two-song CD I received back in ‘02. One song, “Mierda,” is re-recorded here. Back on that release, the band had a sound that reminded me of the early ‘80s death rock scene here in LA. Super Heroines meets 45 Grave mixed with some Rozz Williams/Rikk Agnew period Christian Death. On this new release, these aggressive women from Seattle have honed their chops and recorded in a better studio. The opening track, “No Crime, No Gain,” shows their power right off the bat. It’s an unusual blend of Kittie meets Lush trading metal riffing with some surf chord progressions. Track four, “Lost in Those Hours,” starts off deceivingly happy and bubble gum, but quickly turns ugly with some sludge and ends happy again. What a ride! From beginning to end, these three women play loosely around the formula of playing heavy—which is a good thing—but the other elements they bring to the table keep them from being predictable.

 –don (Buttermilk/Rodent Popsicle)

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