Free Pizza for Life: Or, The Early Days of Plan-It-X Records: By Chris Clavin By Steve Hart

May 17, 2013

I’ve had this book for awhile and put off reviewing it, for which I apologize. Free Pizza is a long story of friends, roommates, love interests, scammers, jail-time, heartbreak, traveling, playing in bands, and free pizza. In many ways, it parallels many stories of people I once knew who grew up in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s punk scene. This is a story of surviving that horrible time—surviving the hunger and loneliness—the confusion and that weird feeling of being in constant danger, living in a stranger’s house, wishing they would just shut up and let you go to sleep (and not kill you). I can’t say I “liked” this book. It’s hard to say I enjoyed reading someone’s struggle to survive. I found myself wishing they would walk away from their friends and start a new life somewhere else. Nevertheless, I totally recommend this book to anyone and everyone—especially the “straight people” who have no idea how we were living for the past few decades. Give them this book and tell ‘em, “It was something like this.” –Steve Hart (Chris Clavin, Plan-it-X Records, PO Box 2312, Bloomington, IN 47402)