Sep 19, 2013

Franz Nicolay covers “Je Bois,” translated into “I Drink,” by Charles Aznavour on this two song split. In listening to Frank Nicolay’s version (and knowing his contributions to The World/Inferno Friendship Society) you’d imagine that his cover is significantly more whimsical, given that it utilizes clarinet, tuba, and an accordion. But Aznavour’s version, sung in French with swooning finesse, is unbeatable. Ultimately, it’s a decent cover and worth multiple listens if only to imagine yourself drinking a cup of coffee in Montpellier. Mischief Brew does an unremarkable and overly reverential cover of “The Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers. Erik Petersen’s major contribution is his unique snarl as opposed to Rogers’ baritone. The split makes you wonder what’s the point of recording a cover song 7” if only to record covers that sound practically identical to the original. Regardless, both songs are solid, but the split’s major selling point is the wonderful art by Mitch Clem.

 –Sean Arenas (Silver Sprocket,