FRANTIC: Attaque of the Grizzlie: LP

Jul 07, 2006

First several times I played this, it zipped right by, seeming a little blunt and nubbed-down. But I didn’t mind listening to it, and kept at it. To me, it had that weird honor of being a band I like listening to, but always had difficulty placing if I didn’t put the record on. On the outskirts, Frantic’s guitars sound like the Tyrades (imagine a cat strangled with wire) and has more than a passing blush to DC hardcore (with the cover of Government Issue and more barking and talking than singing). Then I discovered something on the tenth spin. You know all those records that say “Play loud!” just to look more exciting? Well, Frantic’s true power is discovered at higher volumes, and that revealed something I hadn’t picked up on at first: they seem to be channeling those recently released Adolescents demos. What it lacks in fidelity it gains in punching you in the ear while making you want to sing along to it. Post-it note attached to the front says it features members of Beat Beat Beat and The Carbonas.

 –todd (Die Slaughterhouse / Douche Master)

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