FRANKIE COMICS #3: $3, 5” x 8”, copied, 26 pgs.

Jul 27, 2015

This zine immediately grabbed my attention. Bound with a hot pink cover, a cartoon cat stretches out her leg for a lick while diamonds lay at its paws. Frankie Comics #3 is a cute slice-of-life style comic about a cat named Frankie and her everyday adventures. Cats are ridiculous creatures and I’m a sucker for animals, so this was right up my alley. Written by Rachel Dukes, the comics inside are similar to gag strips featuring her adorable cat. After several shorts, the end of the zine features fan art from eight different artists. This comic is a surefire hit for cat lovers. Dukes has a prolific online presence, with the inside back cover of the zine featuring links to merchandise for Frankie Comics, and online shops where you can purchase this and previous issues. –Tricia (Frankie Comics,