FRANK TURNER: Campfire Punkrock: CDEP

Jan 24, 2008

As a music critic, it is sometimes difficult to write an objective, concise, and articulate review about an album when all you want to say is “Ohmygodohmygodohmygod SO GOOD.” I hope you all appreciate the effort, because that was my exact reaction to first hearing Frank Turner’s Campfire Punkrock. Turner has taken a life of rock shows, touring, waking up in strange places, and (of course) loveless sex, and channeled it into an excellent folk record. He’s a Woody Guthrie for the modern punk scene, with a voice like an earthier, British Jeff Magnum. He may be riding Billy Bragg’s anti-folk wagon, but as he says in the excellent “NashvilleTennessee,” “I try to make it sound my own.” He succeeds. –Sarah Shay

 –guest (Welcome Home)