FRACAS: A New Host of Torment: CD

Aug 13, 2009

Even though I always perceived The Misfits to be more clownish than scary, I still developed a profound appreciation for their horror-rock frightfulness over the years (well, at least “Legacy of Brutality”!). On this here dark and foreboding disc, Fracas have energetically unleashed a fiery demon-spawned replication of The Misfits during their fiendishly spectacular heyday (or is that Hades-day?!? HaHaHa... up yers, all ya pastey-fleshed ghouls and goblins out there attired entirely in black. Oooooh, your dark’n’decadent preoccupation with death makes my knees a-tremble and my scrotum a-wobble somethin’ fierce.). Anyway, although this is a bit metallish in spots (especially the first couple of tracks), it is pure ghost-punk savagery nonetheless, and it’s spooky, sinister, and spastically possessed beyond belief. With bloodcurdling song titles like “The Dead Look Dead,” “Kill Me,” “Open Your Hell,” “Suffer Alone,” “Witch’s Hand,” “The Plague,” and “All That Remains Is the Howl” (plus a resurrecting-the-dead rendition of DK’s “Too Drunk Too Fuck”!), I instantly realized this ain’t gonna be no gleeful weiny-roast singalong. Hell no! This is purebred devil’s music that chills the flesh, sends shivers down the spine, and damns a man’s soul to eternal perdition. No wonder Glenn Danzig sappily churns-out a sporadic spew of mundane musical melodramatics these days. Fracas raucously run circles of fire around him! The devil ain’t gonna get no rest tonight, ‘cause I’m gonna loudly blast A New Host of Torment until the dead rise from their graves.

 –guest (Calendar of Death)