FOXX, THE: Instrument b/w Come to Japan: 7"

Jun 29, 2007

America’s Only Glam Band™ (my claim—not theirs) deliver an A-side borrowing heavily from Mott the Hoople’s “All The Young Dudes” and/or T. Rex’s “Teen Riot Structure” descending chord progressions (and basically borrowing heavily from Dandy in the Underworld-era T. Rex in general) about some fab chick who lives above a grocery store in an apartment packed full o’ musical instruments, and a protagonist who wishes to be recast as one of said objects—result being a palatably cloying tune that’s cute in the same way that Smithereens song about the cigarette is cute. B-side trades more heavily on T. Rex of a more classic nature (i.e. Electric Warrior), thus is much more apt to resonate with those for whom “Instrument” falls short of the mark. Being sort of stuck in a state of perpetual ten-year-old-ism, i’d prefer to hear a more Chapman/Chinn-like a-side and maybe stick the syrupy crap about wanting to be a sitar on the b-side, but, on the other hand, anything i get from this band is sort of sweet relief from decades of hair metal being fobbed off as “glam” so who am i to be critical? BEST SONG: “Come to Japan” BEST SONG TITLE: “Come to Japan” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: The matrix number on this record appears to indicate that it is a “U-number” from United Record Pressing, yet if one is to hold the vinyl up to the light, it—shockingly—is NOT translucent brown. Whaddaya know about that?!

 –norb (Vinyl Countdown)