FOURTH ROTOR: Plain: 9-song CD

Jul 25, 2006

I, for one, am glad that the Minutemen aren’t being forgotten, and that their spirit is being reconstituted like far-scattered spores into the blood of new bands. Much like Giant Haystacks, The Forth Rotor aren’t as interesting in cloning Boon, Watt, and Hurley as they are a fresh ride in a mode of transportation that’s still has a lot of tread on the tire. Penetrating bass up front. Master swordsman guitar with no wasted movements. Blasting drums. Songs short and explosive. Voices barking. Words hurled like sharp and pointed rocks. Fill the tank, get in, pedal down, peel out. Nine songs, a little over fourteen minutes. No so much hardcore as lean, no-bullshit, econo focus.

 –todd (Underground Communiqué)

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