FOUR-STROKE: I Was a Teenage Suicide Bomber: CD

Sep 19, 2013

Haven’t heard of these Canadian cats before, but this is apparently a reissue of a 2006 album. Their brand of straight-ahead punk/hardcore harkens back to times past—hearing bits of early Dayglo Abortions and Subhumans in places—but they manage to keep things in the here and now, as evidenced by the album’s title. It probably ain’t hard to deduce, but they have a decidedly obnoxious streak running right down the middle of their tunes, scoring stinging points whilst still managing eyebrow-raising titles like “(I Wanna Be a) Suburban Jihadi,” “Blow Yourself Up,” and “Is That the Hand You Hit Her With?” If grampy starts to lament the days “when punk was punk,” slap this baby on and watch him dive from the top of his walker with rigid digits held aloft.

 –jimmy (Crusty)