FOUR LETTER WORD: Like Moths to a Flame: CD

Aug 25, 2006

There’s a Suburban Voice compilation that has something like thirty-one straight-ahead hardcore songs and one Four Letter Word song. It’s unmistakable when the Four Letter Word song comes on. You can understand every word Welly sings in the beginning. And, yeah, he sings, and pretty well, which I guess would be your first hint that we’re moving out of straight-ahead hardcore. So you’d think that Four Letter Word would stand out like shit in a punch bowl on that comp, but they don’t. There’s such a hardcore attitude to their songs that it transcends narrow genres. And that’s the best way to view Four Letter Word: a hardcore heart wrapped up in the skin of mid-tempo, melodic songs with strong vocals. Like Moths to a Flame is their latest offering. The lyrics are political, very left-leaning and a throwback to Not So Quiet on the Western Front-era punk. The songs make you want to sing along. For those of us who miss bands like Los Olvidados and The Effigies, we could do worse than this new Four Letter Word album. Frankie Stubbs recorded it, too, so you know it sounds good.

 –sean (Newest Industry)