FOUR LETTER WORD: Crimewave!: 7” EP

Feb 21, 2008

There are a lot of settings on Four Letter Word’s amps. The title track carries through with a spy surf guitar that could have been lifted from JFA or Hawaii Five-O. “Turning the Screw” – clean, jumpy, and snotty – is reminiscent of late ‘90s pop punk along the lines of NRA. “Friends in High Places” is a straight-ahead hardcore scorcher that bares its teeth and looks at the Effigies right in the eyes. “Johnny Foreigner” has more than a couple intersecting points to a mid-tempo Anti-Flag song. It’s all held together by explicit left-wing politics and the artwork nods to other inspirations, like the Posh Boy-inspired crest of the record label. It’s listenable, enjoyable, and well crafted.

 –todd (Newest Industry, $7 ppd./world)