FOUR EYES, THE: Five Songs (About Video Games and One about Something Else): CD

Dec 13, 2007

Video games, ugh. MMORPG’s, double ugh. And, while i recognize the Four Eyes as the American Institution that they are, Geek-Squad-ifying the Dead Milkmen and/or Kung Fu Monkeying Weezer is not the type of activity that spurs me to rip tunage to my Xbox 360 overmuch. Comes with an entire live album as a bonus track, which actually puts the value of MMORPG-based love songs in perspective when weighed against the slings and arrows of predictably ironic faux-arena rock. I continue to attempt to keep this record’s existence hidden from World of Warcraft players, simply to deny them pleasure. Schaudenfreude kicks ass! BEST SONG: “Group With You” BEST SONG TITLE: “Balrog Bop” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I have had the dubious pleasure of creating not one but two Neverwinter Nights ((see track 6)) mods in my life; one involved a city full of nothing but prostitutes and plague victims, the other was a loose interpretation of “West Side Story,” with orcs and mummies, but i put too many giant beetles in the level and i would always get killed before i could go talk to the orc girl and win her heart.

 –norb (Thrillhouse)