FOUND DEAD IN TRUNK: Kerosene Cocktail: CD-R

Jul 03, 2009

For some reason, Found Dead In Trunk’s name conjured for me thoughts of Deadguy and Buzzoven. I don’t know why and I know much better than to make such assumptions going into a record because I’m rarely right when I do. That said, Found Dead In Trunk are no-frills rock’n’roll, sometimes bordering on hardcore, with a slightly jangly garage sound and lack of production value running throughout. Sometimes when I listen to this record that’s a bit disconcerting, as if I really want F.D.I.T. to decide once and for all what sound they want to go with and get on with it. But since I screwed the pooch on the initial pre-aural assessment, I should know better than to put expectations such as that on this. In the end, this is low-fi and sloppy, which I like lots. I’d love to see these guys playing in a basement.

 –Eric Carlson ([email protected])

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