FORWARD: We Need The Truth: CDEP

Nov 22, 2009

If you have followed my reviews through the time I have been with Flipside and now with Razorcake, I am very biased towards Japanese punk. I absolutely love it. I set it on a pedestal and worship it like it was the best shit I ever took. You know the type. The bowl filler that took the least amount of effort to expel. Not sloppy and takes the minimum amount of wiping to make yourself ready for the day. There I go again talking shit again. Here is a four song blast from the mighty Forward from Japan. They play a sort of sloppy old school style of punk that has no intentions of sounding professional. Fun is had by all by not being too serious but play to keep the energy alive. Some now may say that it sounds street punk while others would say old school. I would say the old school vein. One thing I need to do is learn more Japanese to be able to understand the songs. Japanese does not always translate well into English.

 –don (HG Fact)

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