FORTH YEER: Regulators: CD

Sep 11, 2012

Really? Did these guys spell their name this way? Yes they did. I’m not even going to get into that shit. You can decide for yourself how many different ways their name is incorrect. Like the name, the band sucks. They sound like they should be playing at a state fair somewhere, or in a crappy little bar in a small town. For the most part, this shit is slow, crappy rock’n’roll. They actually have three guitars. The lyrics are about how much they drink and fuck. Supposedly. I think these guys want people to think they are some kind of outlaw rock band, but they’re actually not that tough. On the cover, they even put the Parental Advisory label. That hasn’t been cool for like twenty years. On the insert, there’s a picture of all six of these guys with guns. Stupid. Just really stupid.

 –Nighthawk (1332)

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