Jul 24, 2008

Over the years, the only songs by The Forgotten that I’ve heard were ones on compilations. I always thought that they were pretty cool. Well, on my first foray into a full length record by them, this is the scenario that played out in my head: The Forgotten are in the studio laying down the tracks for this record. A call comes through and is patched through to the band. It is a lawyer representing Rancid, calling to let them know that they are treading on thin ice… Now, this is all fine and good, but then I started to read the liner notes. Wait a minute… THE CALL IS COMING FROM BEHIND THE MIXING BOARD!!!! GET OUT!!! GET OUT!!!! Yep, Lars Frederikson produced this baby and you can sure tell. This is the part where the review gets split. It’s a really, really good Rancid record. Better than said band has put out, well ever… The problem is that I don’t think it’s as good as The Forgotten are capable of, at least judging by the comp tracks I know them for.

 –ty (TKO)

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