FORCED MARCH: Wasted Existence: 7”

May 10, 2007

They seem to have changed gears just a bit since their full-length—as in, they’ve tempered that ceaseless go-straight-for-the-throat approach with some pretty rockin’, almost tuneful, moments here. The full-length eventually wore on me because of that relentlessness (it kind of felt like I was just hearing the same song over again), but these four songs have some mean breakdowns and, dare I say, catchy choruses, and I can actually tell the difference between songs. The vocals are still consistently gruff, but there are some nice backing vocals on the title track and, as a whole, they’ve remained tough as hell but are managing to find ways to expand on that oft-used Infest/hardcore template. Really nice work, guys: not a bad record at all.

 –keith (Forced March)