FORCED MARCH: Take Immediate Action: CD

Sep 05, 2006

So my buddy Jeff and I have had this running joke for years now. I was listening to some Bad Religion album or another and, you know, digging it, right? I’ll confess, sure. But Jeff hated ‘em, still does. His argument’s strictly remained the same over the years: “All their songs sound exactly the same.” And so has my response: “Yeah, but it’s a good song, dude.” That said, I’ve heard people refer to these guys as similar to Infest or bands of that ilk—and I guess I could go with that; there’s a decent amount of slow/fast thrash parts, and the guy bellows his way relentlessly through these thirteen songs. But as someone who admittedly digs Bad Religion much more than he’ll probably ever dig Infest, I’ll have to pull a Jeff on this one. It all just sounds the same to me. In one ear and out the other, you know? The fury’s there, all the checklisted topics are tackled, the solos are in the right place. But there’s the sinking feeling that I’ve heard it before and wasn’t that floored the first time around. So take it for what it is—if you’re looking for some dark, brooding hardcore with a minor dash of metallic noodling tossed in there, you’ll be loving this. I mean, I don’t want to bag on these guys too hard, it’s just that I’d rather pull out No Control or Suffer—that’s the kind of repetition that works for me

 –keith (Forced March)