FORCA MACABRA: Nos Tumulos Abertos: CD

Jul 10, 2009

Finnish thrash men pay homage to their love of Brazilian HC. The song writing style and lyrics in Brazilian Portuguese. That is a great accomplishment since the Finnish language and Portuguese are very different. I have a friend that I trade with in Finland. He is the one who sent this to me, and he informs me that bands from Brazil play Finland more than they play the US because of its popularity there. Amazing. By looking at the insert, this recording includes demos from 1991-1993 and tracks from a 12" put out in 1994. The music is controlled mayhem. The recordings are thin at points but do not take away from the power. It has that early to mid-'80s international sound. The vocals are screamed with urgency and the music washes about, following behind. This may not be the first release I would recommend to someone new to this band, but the others that I own are ass kickers to the tenth degree.

 –don (Angry)