FORBIDDEN DIMENSION: The Golden Age of Lasers: LP

Jul 23, 2012

Like an ancient television set collecting dust in the attic that suddenly clicks on, through the static comes a transmission from elsewhere. A ghoulish host brings a cavalcade of short stories. Horror, science fiction, and all manners of the macabre are covered. Musical tales of wolves, witches, and Tor Johnson that fall in place somewhere between The Mummies and Motörhead—or maybe the Damned and the MC5—or maybe all of them thrown in a Necronomicon-induced vortex. In reality, Forbidden Dimension hails from the frozen tundra of Calgary, Alberta. First reanimated in the late ‘80s, the band has been popping out of crypts from time to time over the last twenty-plus years to inject us with the best in Canadian creep rock. The Golden Age Of Lasers has the band on point, as usual. There is a little more ‘70s rock swagger thrown into the mix compared to earlier releases but it all seems to work. The album is solid as a whole, but my favorites here are “Tor Johnson Mask,” “Eine Kleine Frostmusik,” and the record’s closer, “Lillydale Orphanage.” Press this puppy in purple marbled wax and wrap it in the always amazing artwork of TomB (the alter ego of front man Jackson Phibes), and call it a classic! A must for lovers of Misfits and Hex Dispensers.

 –ty (Saved By Vinyl,

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