It’s been a long ten years since this band shambled into a studio to lay the evil down. I had pretty much given up all hope of seeing these old corpses reanimate for another go. I’m shocked, horrified, and can’t wipe the smile off of my face to save my life! In case there are a couple of you out there who aren’t aware of the mighty Forbidden Dimension, I’ll give you the briefest of summaries. They are the best horror rock band there is. PERIOD! So does this slab of blood red vinyl match up to the legendary output of yore? Does an angry mob chase monsters with torches? Of course it does! It has everything that is necessary for an FD record. Catchy riffs, primal beats, macabre lyrics, and creepy TOMB artwork. It’s all here kids, so hunt it down and slap it on for your next ritualistic blood orgy.

 –ty (Saved By Vinyl,