Forbidden Activities for Neglected Children: By Skinner, 36 pgs. By Ashley

Nov 24, 2014

This is not a coloring book I’d recommend for any children. Instead, I’d offer this up as a means of appeasing your disturbed and demented inner child that sets small fires in the dark corners of your mind.This book includes activities like choosing a new mom or dad from a group of gruesome monsters and illustrations of melting, dripping-faced demons (Is it blood? Is it pus? That’s up to you!). Some highlights include a crazed-looking ET smothering a young boy with chloroform and a senile wizard, complete with walker, inquiring as to whether or not you’ve seen his pills. My absolute favorite part was the full color sheet of stickers included in the back. –Ashley Ravelo (Last Gasp, 777 Florida St., SF, CA 94110)

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