FOR THE WORSE: Couldn’t Give Two Shits About the Kids: CD

Mar 15, 2008

As I write this, the various Cthulhu-like arms of the Great American Media Conglomerate Monster are tripping over each other with the happy “news” that this day is the 40thanniversary of a certain mop-topped British muzak quartet performing on the Ed Sullivan Show. Being the keen sensor that I am, I detect that this warmed-over bit of nostalgic flotsam is dressed up as “news” in the hopes that sheep people cradled in the arms of the Media Monster will feel compelled – by some dim, flickering pang of sentimentality and/or a need to keep-up-with-the-Jonestowners – to rush out to the nearest Superstore and max out their credit cards on the mind-numbing array of products carrying this particular band’s brand name. Just a guess. I, for one, am not all a-titter over this marketing ploy disguised as news. Through the years, the constant barrage of pro-mop-top muzak/propaganda has forced me to detest everything they’ve become and most of what they stood for and to become so callous that I have been known to take a malicious, if juvenile, delight in the Meatmen’s anti-mop-top song “One Down, Three to Go.” (By the way, has Tesco changed it to “Two Down...” now?) In fact, to celebrate my profound disinterest in this happy day and that painfully played-out band, I will shut off my TV and radio and will steer clear of any “news” papers and will, instead, put For the Worse into my CD player over and over again. I will wallow in the pig-licious vocals that are a cross between Blaine from the Accused and Sam Kinison. I will drink heartily of the bloody lowbrow pro-rassler lyrics and toothless hate spew. And I will happily let the meat-stomping street punk crunch of the music render any remaining mop-top vestiges in my brain into an easily-flushable intestinal soup like the one in the toilet bowl on the cover of this disc. 

 –aphid (Rodent Popsicle)

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