FOR SCIENCE: Tomorrow’s Just Another Day: LP

Mar 17, 2008

For Science conjures the same feeling as the first time I heard bands like Brown Lobster Tank or the Bollweevils or Sinkhole (or really any of the classic Dr. Strange or Mutant Pop records) after gorging myself on a steady diet of Lookout! releases—the realization that maybe pop punk isn’t just for young’uns and that it can be a vehicle for heartbreak and introspection as well as fun and silliness. I recognize that this notion is pretty commonplace now, but For Science hearkens an era when this sound was fresh and exciting and consequently find themselves atop a massive heap of incredibly creative new pop punk bands. Coming so quickly after their killer Way Out of Control EP, Tomorrow’s Just another Day is another giant leap forward for a band that just gets better and better. The absence of Mikey Erg and Chris Pierce (Sinkhole/Doc Hopper) seems to have brought this band even further into its own and has made for a painful-yet-hopeful, near-perfect record. Arguably my favorite release of 2007. –Dave Williams

 –guest (Don Giovanni)