Nov 02, 2010

Both sides of this record are sort of fuzzed-out, quirky, lo-fi indie pop of the sort you will see in a Portland basement. I say this because that is where I saw one of them, Foot Ox. In a Portland basement. The Foot Ox side is the best with its dork-voiced optimistic declarations that “beauty will prevail/under your eyes.” They have some odd time changes and disorganized male/female vocals. The first song is a lovely blessed mess. The second song, “Robert,” is dominated by a cello and the same goofball voice telling us there is “unstoppable forward motion,” a motion that carries us through to the last song, a fun ditty about a fridge. Foot Ox brings to mind Camper Van Beethoven. Splinter Cake reminds me of The Vaselines or a less dynamic Raincoats. They also have a male-female vocal thing going on while throwing in some nice feedback in there that feels like a warm sweater. Their second song is a synthy drum machine dork rap thing ala Atom and His Package. The last song is more buzzy fun.

 –Craven (