FOLDED SHIRT: “Tiny Boat” b/w “Mouth Clock”: 7”

It’s damn near impossible for me to not mention the words “super group” when trying to describe a band made up of members of the Darvocets, Out With A Bang, Homostupids, and Mr. California (most of whose records are very near and dear in my collection). But that’s, ultimately, what we have here: a super group of super weirdoes fucking with your every expectation of what this could possibly sound like. The photo of the band on the insert offers a bit more perspective as to what it is you’re listening to: a drum set which has what looks like a stove pot attached to it while it appears as if Mr. California is performing surgery on a butterfly-shaped guitar as the vocalist croons to it. If that’s not fucking “weird punk” enough for you, then consider the fact that there are actually three songs on this, not two, and that there’s no label credited for the release (you have to look carefully at both the run off etchings and the groove markings on the vinyl to figure this out). Sadly, this record is rumored to be their swan song, following an amazing full length from last year. I’m gonna miss eating their shit up with a spoon. Fuck yeah, I’m a “foldie”!

 –Juan Espinosa (Fashionable Idiots)