FM BATS: Everybody Out… Shark in the Water: CDEP

Jun 29, 2007

It’s short enough to listen to a little over six times in one hour, which I have just done, and still I can’t make up my mind about it. The music is really cool. Surf-ish guitar riffs over garage-ish drums. I say “ish” because it is not easy to pinpoint exactly what the style is. My only problem with it, and it is a fairly large one, is the vocals. The singer, who used to sing in Le Shok, uses this horrible voice effect so that when he sings, no matter what he is intending to vocally project, he comes across sounding whiny and monotone. This is the basic feel throughout the entire EP. It sort of reminds me of a little kid misbehaving in a grocery store next to his angry and short tempered dad. We’ve all seen and heard this before. The kid starts pissing his dad off, despite multiple warnings to “cut out” whatever he has been doing to cause the aggravation. The sound that the kid makes after the dad’s hand quickly connects with the kid’s backside a few times, making him cry for a minute or two, and the kid starts running out of breath from crying, and attempting to form words between sobs. The speech is sort of drawn out unnecessarily due to the crying fit, as well as a little hoarse for the same reason. That is exactly what I think of when I hear this guy sing. Only stretch that sort of off key mumble whining out over two-minute segments of cool music. I didn’t find this quite as impressive as everyone kept telling me it was. The music is great though.

 –guest (Vinyl Dog/TKO)