FLYBOYS: Crayon World” b/w “Square City: 7”

Mar 04, 2010

The Flyboys’ story is tragic, and this tragedy has, quite possibly, kept them mainly as a footnote in Southern California’s punk rock history. Right around when their self-titled, seven-song 12” EP was released on Frontier, the keyboardist/vocalist, David Wilson (noted on this record as David Way), was killed in an automobile accident. Another version of the band, called the Choir Invisible, would later resurface. The drummer, Dennis Walsh (punk name Dennis Rackett), would go on to join the long-running Huntington Beach stalwarts, The Crowd (Razorcake #2’s cover band). This is a re-issue of their first 1979 self-released 7” (Flyguy Records) and it has the feel of a band that was comfortable straddling between the not-yet-concrete-wall separation between new wave and punk. Within half a year of this 7” coming out, and the bands existing within thirty miles of one another, the Knack would score a worldwide hit with “My Sharona.” The Flyboys remain largely obscure. What I didn’t know is that The Flyboys were the first day-glo punks in California—often called “the male Go-Go’s”—encouraging their fans to have fun, instead of acting disinterested or spitting at them. Great stuff. Well worth bloodhounding down.

 –todd (Frontier)