FLUKE #11: $4.00, 5 ½” x 8 ½”, offset, 40 pgs.

Aug 22, 2013

Fluke has been publishing for twenty-two years and has really hit its stride with issue 11. This issue includes interviews with Michigan heroes, Negative Approach, and Ed Crawford (firehose), along with Bad Years, Barker Gee, Neon Piss, and Wet Spots. I love reading any interview with the firehose/Minutemen crew. They are always inspirational and interesting. However, the real gem in Fluke #11 is the article on buZ Blurr, a traveler and artist who worked on the railroad for forty-one years and is known famously behind the Colossus of Roads moniker. The filmmaker, Bill Daniel, (Who is Bozo Texino?) who also writes, Mostly True (which I reviewed in the previous issue of Razorcake) is featured as well and talks about his relationship with buZ. This is a must-read issue and well-worth four dollars.