FLOGGING MOLLY: Drunken Lullabies: CD

Jan 29, 2009

Think of being at the pub with a group of your closest friends sharing a good time of a few pints of Guinness, Harp or some black and tans. The atmosphere is set for just a boost. The perfect accompaniment to this grand time would be Flogging Molly. With their mix of the Pogues, traditional Irish folk and punk energy, you would have to be dead not wanting to jump and dance. What I am assuming is their second full length, is every bit as good as their previous release Swagger. It's a perfection of tracks that carefully takes you up and down and keeps you interested throughout the whole disc. Seeing them at their record release shows here in LA, I’m guessing that their infectious energy has caught on quite strong. I can’t wait 'till they record and release their cover of Tom Jones’ “Delilah.”

 –don (Side One Dummy)

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