FLIPTOPS, THE: Are Still a Band: 12” 45

Got the band’s “Dangerous Game” 45 a while ago, and didn’t put it together that they were the band who had the album on Rip Off about ten million years ago ((Red and black cover? Ringin’ any bells?)) until the album’s title compelled me to google that shit to uncover the savory truth of its genesis. Indeed, it is to the planet’s benefit that the Flip Tops are still a band, as this fast-acting 12” 45 is the year’s first real ass-kicker album—fast punk with pop ruckus, tight playing, cool guitar bits, and colorful yelling, guaranteed to outrace your feeble attempts gain sturdy comprehension thereof. “Enslaved Outraged” sounds like someone kicking the living shit out of some Undertones song on “Hypnotised,” whereas “Boyfriend Street” is a chordy, riffy ascension to a higher spiritual plane where you wind up getting the living shit kicked out of you as well. I salute the band’s tenacity and dedication to their craft, in the face of overwhelming odds of artistic foreclosure! I also salute the blue, pink, orange and red color scheme on the front cover! Best of all, my top flipped an even number of times, so it wound up back on how it was when i left the house!

 –norb (Bachelor)