May 27, 2009

I always anticipate a new Pink and Black release with the anxiousness of a hyperactive child.

They are very discretionary on what they will put out. Two of my favorite bands consist of two thirds of the roster. The Flipsides make up the last third. To put it out there so you can tell what this band sounds like, they're comparable to their label mates, Dancehall Crashers. The vocals are so similar, I would easily be confused. The music is similar in the poppy, rock vein. No ska though. There are also hints of some southern rock that I hear. Sounds like they share the same rehearsal space overall. From start to finish, this is a gem that is well past the rough. I would wet my panties after listening to this, if I wore panties. Maybe I will grab a pair from my wife.  –don (Pink and Black)

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