Originally released on cassette only in 1984, this is a document of sorts of what a Flipper gig was like back before Will Shatter pulled a Sid Vicious/Darby Crash and died a very hippie death. ‘Twas a pity to see Willie go, too, ’cause Flipper was one of punk rock’s truly original outfits, intentionally placing themselves in stark contrast to whatever was popular in punk at the time. While the “hardcore” groups of the day played short, fast bursts while waxing poetic with the political rhetoric, Flipper’s songs were simplistic, messy, drunken, dirge-like noise fests that went on and on and on and on and on and seemed like their only purpose was to annoy the hell out of almost anybody within hearing distance. Yet a method could be detected underneath the madness by anyone who happened to pay attention long enough. Their lyrics were often frighteningly well-written considering the characters responsible for them, and their live sets were funny as hell to watch, especially if you happened to take a friend who’d never heard them before. Much of the between song banter is sorely missing from this recording, as is their “hit” song “Sex Bomb,” but the performance of the songs themselves is pretty good and the whole thing is about as entertaining as it was back when this originally came out. After a day filled with listening to a bunch of third-rate cookie-cutter hardcore/popcore/pick-your-core bands this afternoon, this was a very welcome change of pace, and it was nice to be reminded of how fun one of my favorite bands of all time were.

 –jimmy (ROIR)