FLETCH CADILLAC / DESTRUCTORS 666: Biberati Ut Gothi: Split CD

Mar 17, 2008

The front cover of this disc features three scummy dudes in leather jackets, capes, and sunglasses. Two of them have swords. One has a machine gun. They’re standing in the middle of a desert, where they’re under attack by some spider monster. The dorkiness is toxic. I expected the music to have an equal level of dorkiness. Instead, it’s frantic straight-ahead punk rock. It’s pogo-ready. Fletch Cadillac are my faves. They sound a little nuttier, like they may have been standing upside down and hurling snowballs at each other while recording. Destructors 666 are more of the fist-in-the-air, almost oi-ish stuff. Also rad.

 –mp (Rowdy Farrago)