Fleshtones: Pardon Us for Living but the Graveyard Is Full: DVD

Jul 21, 2011

I got this as a bonus when I preordered The Fleshtones’ newest album and don’t know if it will be sold on its own. New York’s Fleshtones, if you don’t know, are one of the first bands to show their ‘60s garage influences on their punk sleeves (contemporaries of DMZ, from Massachusetts). They were around for the CBGBs boom but weren’t really accepted by that crowd. The Fleshtones are lifers. They’ve been at it since 1976, still record and tour regularly and shit. I saw them play a house show recently! In my not so humble opinion, The Fleshtones didn’t really come into their own until the late ‘90s when they found producers who could capture their blend of ‘60s garage and need-to-be-witnessed-live vibe. The DVD says it is based on Sweat, Joe Bonomo’s biography of the band (a great read… it goes even further underground into New York’s rock‘n’roll/punk scene than Please Kill Me) but it’s more of a companion piece, as it doesn’t get as in-depth as the book. Most of the footage is only from the past few years but it gets across the sense of what keeps the band going. Interviews include band members past and present, label people, and famous friends (most notably, Peter Buck of R.E.M.). Here’s to wishing someone expands on this documentary! –Yep Roc