FLESH*PACKS: 5¢ Mail-In Rebate: 7"

Jul 17, 2009

...it's hard to tell if that (or anything) is actually the real title of this record, but i thought it described the band's sound more appropriately than other phrases on the cover such as "Four Zippy Songs" and "Malicious Fast & Furious Bar Chords." Indeed, the band is nowhere near as overtly poppy-punky as one'd assume from the neo-Otter Pop™ packaging, sounding much more like those bands that turn up on the Teen Line compilations of late '70s/early '80s underground power pop bands – bands who existed in that brief window when (ah, the fools!) actually thought that "pop" could be "rock," on accounta no one told them otherwise yet (or they merely didn't listen) – than it does like something that would own a Queers t-shirt and black Chuck Taylors™. I can't say as this actually made me pick myself off the floor and dust myself off after initial contact, but i think it's fair to state that if i came home from Drivers Ed 20+ years ago and found this in the same package as i found the Boyfriends and Zeros 45s i mailordered from Bomp!™, i wouldn't question the wisdom of my purchase. BEST SONG: "Nothing to Live For" BEST SONG TITLE: "Trouble at the Y" FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Cover clearly states "5¢ MAIL-IN REBATE – see inside for details." No details are provided inside.

 –norb (Short Hare)